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5 Things You Can Do This Fall to Prevent Mosquitoes
about 4 years ago

Although winter is approaching and mosquito season is coming to an end, it is still a great time consider what you can do to help prevent mosquitoes from gathering in your yard and plaguing your family next year. There are specific steps that you may want to take to make your home less hospitable to mosquitoes.


Address Drainage Issues in Your Yard

Fall is a great time of the year to undertake the yard projects that you have been putting off. Your plants are going into hibernation, and it may be the right time to work on grading your yard or addressing any drainage or swampy areas that may give mosquitoes a place to breed. If there is one soggy spot that doesn’t dry out when it rains, consider different ways that you can help the water to drain more effectively.


Consider New Water Features

A bird bath can make a pretty addition to your backyard, but these are primary breeding grounds for mosquitoes, you may want to change any water features that you currently have into one with moving water. Fountains are a great feature that provides a replacing sound to your back yard, plus the moving water disrupts the mosquitoes chance to breed. As the weather gets colder, be sure that you properly winterize the pump and fountain to prevent needing to buy a new one next year.


Clear Out the Undergrowth Around Your Home

If you clear out the undergrowth in the tree lined areas and under bushes you can reduce the harborage areas for mosquitoes. The fall is a great time to attack the undergrowth and clear it out in the fall. Trim it out and remove any old and rotting materials. If you find older trees that are rotten or stumps with holes in them, you should deal with these too. Removing the old trees can cut back on the insects around your home. Filling in the holes in the stumps or having them removed completely can also cut back on the areas that where the mosquitoes can breed.


Consider Applying Cedar Mulch to Your Flower Beds

Cedar is a natural bug repellent. The oils and odor from cedar can help discourage a variety of insects from making your yard home. It is also an attractive way to outline your flowerbeds and keep moisture in the soil. This is a much better alternative to the pine straw or other mulches.  The cedar mulch is long lasting and can help you create a backyard oasis.


Make a Plan for Mosquito Treatment

The best way to stop mosquitoes from being in your yard is to have your yard treated for mosquitoes by professionals. There are conventional and organic options that are safe for both your family and your pets. The experts at MosquitoTek can make regular visits during the summer to keep your home and yard free of mosquitoes so that you can enjoy your yard throughout the summer. The treatments usually begin in the spring (late March) and go through the fall.



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