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5 Tips to Help Eliminate Fleas
over 3 years ago



Once your pet contracts fleas, it can be difficult to clear up an infestation. Fleas have a short life cycle, which means they reproduce quickly, and most treatments do not kill the eggs. As soon as the new set of eggs hatch, then the problem begins over again. There are five steps that you can take to help clear up the fleas in your home for good.


Treat Your Pets

The first step is to treat your pets. First, you will need to give each of your pets a flea bath and use a flea comb to catch any remaining fleas. The flea eggs will not stay on your pet. You should use a preventative on your pets to stop a future flea infestation. This is essential if you want to break the cycle. You can use a flea collar, flea drops or an oral medication that will kill any fleas that bite your pets.


Clean Your Carpet

Flea eggs will drop off your pets onto whatever surface they may be on. This means that they may be in your carpet or in your furniture. It is important to vacuum your carpet thoroughly to pick up any eggs that are in it. You can also pick up larvae and pupae. After you vacuum, you will need to empty the vacuum outside, and double bag it to prevent any fleas from getting out. After you vacuum several times, you should have your carpets cleaned.


Wash Bedding and Steam Clean Furniture

It is also important to wash all the bedding in your home. You need to wash your pets’ bedding in hot water and dry it on high heat. You will need to wash any blankets, bedding or throw pillows in rooms that your pets go into. You should also clean your furniture first by vacuuming and then steam cleaning it as an extra measure of protection.


Treat Your Home

It is important to treat the areas where fleas live in your home. Flea powders will kill the adult fleas, but are not as effective against the eggs. The best option is to call a professional to get a flea treatment that is effective on both the eggs and the adult fleas. This option will help break the cycle of the fleas hatching again in a few weeks.


Prevent Future Infestations

You can prevent future infestations by continuing to use a flea preventative on your pet. If your pet catches fleas while on the treatment, you may want to change methods. Sometimes people forget to change the flea collars or to apply the drops. You can also treat your yard to help prevent your pet from getting fleas by treating your yard with a protective barrier spray that will keep fleas from getting in your yard.

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